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Magic zone

The owner of this apartment dreamed of a cozy interior with a slight touch of primitiveness. Therefore, in the hallway there is a mosaic that reminds of ancient ornaments seen on Crete, for decoration of the living room, without hesitation, tiles-bricks with a rocky texture were chosen, and the windows were closed with curtains and curtains. In ancient times, many nations had beliefs about the “spirit of the place” responsible for the prosperity of the genus. Domestic brownies were practical creatures and preferred to settle behind the stove. Whatever one may say, it turns out that the kitchen has been a magical place from time immemorial


Modern rhythms

The lines of Orta are fancifully curled into rhythmic clusters. -ornament, which for a long time entered the history of art of many European countries. Almost a century has passed since our perception of the form clearly consolidated in the imagination the rounded bends of plant elements and their parts. The evolution on the theme of the circle, the ball and the atom continues, and the modern sense of plasticity is being improved and by gaining an understanding of the harmonious essence, we can easily return to the classical basic fundamentals.

1. PUBLICATION IN THE JOURNAL "Beautiful Houses" (ISSUE # 25)

The formula for reconstruction

Owners – wealthy people and many travelers around the world, wanted to recreate in their home the atmosphere of the patrimonial nest with a long history. Such a wish formed the basis for the design concept. As the leading style chosen eclecticism. The interior combines the luxury of Italian palazzo, and the charm of French mansions, and modern motifs. The existing facades did not radically change, limited to cosmetic repairs, but the interior space was completely transformed. After the reconstruction, the two-story building became a three-story building. An empty attic was made a living attic. The layout of the rooms was organized from scratch, leaving only the bearing walls.

2. PUBLICATION IN THE JOURNAL "Pools and saunas" (ISSUE # 7)

Based on the Italian Renaissance

The authors of the project had an unusual task-to meet all modern technological requirements, but at the same time to get away from the high-tech style common for decorating swimming pools, to which modern materials are very logically called. As a result, the authors turned to the history of art, choosing the style of the Italian Renaissance. In fact, the low triangular vault, lined with wood, the semicircular niches in the walls, and the main decorative element of this interior – the wall painting on the plot of “Decameron” by Boccaccio, visible through the drawn arcade – everything is a recognizable allusion to the palazzo of Italian aristocrats the Renaissance.

3. PUBLICATION IN JOURNAL "Wooden Houses" (ISSUE # 25)

Holidays for hunters

A wooden building erected near the main house for permanent residence is designed for two purposes: the reception of numerous guests, as well as the placement of hunting trophies in it. The choice of glued beams from spruce as a building material allowed to complete the work within nine months. Important for the owners are also the features of the tree: its ecological compatibility, the ability to pass air and keep the heat inside. The guest house is designed in a traditional modern style for countryside architecture: with large, wall-to-wall windows, a pointed tiled roof and a very prominent veranda.Why here it is worth buying a house project price

4. PUBLICATION IN THE JOURNAL "Ideas of Your Home" (ISSUE # 9)

Commonwealth of two elements

The owner of the apartment for quite some time studied architectural magazines in order to keep abreast of current trends in design. She formulated the idea of ​​arrangement of the internal space for architects as follows: “I need a home in which I will feel comfortable both alone and in the company of my guests.” Probably, from time to time one of them will stay the night, so the guest zone should be no less comfortable than private, but convenience is not the only thing that worries me.The interior is designed, among other things, to correspond to the spirit of the times.

5. PUBLICATION IN THE JOURNAL "Beautiful Houses" (ISSUE # 65)

The American Dream

When building a house in the suburbs, the project of the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was used. The building is a practically exact copy of the original object, with slight changes. Therefore, the further work on planning and design completely proceeded from an understanding of how this project could have existed in our time. The resultant image did not become a blind imitation of the master; rather, it could be called the adherence to the motives of Wright’s creativity-with interpretations and relevant additions.


The charm of minimalism

The idea of ​​the emergence of modern space at the junction of modernity and high-tech – appeared from the very beginning and was approved by customers living in the dynamic rhythm of the metropolis. To implement this idea, the space was filled with calm forms, various textures, subtle color combinations. All these components not only emphasize the essence of the minimalist modern image, but also create an atmosphere of coziness and harmony. The layout of the apartment was developed specifically for this project. During the construction phase, only the supporting structures were erected, and a special opening for the staircase marching, which combined the two levels, was left.


Art deco for the architect

Ordinary order registration of a country house turned into an unusual task for the author of the project. His client was a professional architect, who went on a well-deserved rest. To equip the house for the “senior colleague” is all the same, that once again pass the exam for professional fitness. And the object for “repeated examinations” was a gray concrete building with massive arches and an internal space divided into many small rooms, from which it was required to create an Art Nouveau mansion.


Adapted postmodernism

New customers who appeared in the workshop of Alexander Shchetinin bought an apartment (in the form of a bare concrete box with communication pipes), but did not realize too well what they want to see as a result. Their only wish sounded like this: “The interior should be modern.” Therefore, the stucco on the ceiling, baroque, classic and even modern were excluded in advance. However, for the architect, the concept of “modern apartment” is very stretch-from postmodernism to high-tech or minimalism. At the same time, the composition of the family (husband, wife and two daughters-sixteen and two years old) also could not help influencing the choice of a general architectural solution and style.


Possibilities of postmodernity

A large number of load-bearing elements and, most importantly, their location setting a certain “step” for any layout decision, were the main problem it had to solve in the design of the apartment. The basis for the design is a modern approach, called the Moscow postmodern – it’s a combination of many stylistic techniques, modern electrician. Despite the large area in the apartment was initially made an unsuccessful layout, which provides a small bathroom and a room-kletushki. As a result, the bathroom in the master bedroom could be expanded, and the isolation of common rooms – destroyed. The hall, the kitchen and the large living room were combined into a common circular space.


Dialogue on equal terms

The fact that any realized architectural project is the fruit of not only the professional imagination of the author, but also the result of his compromise with the client’s tastes, everyone knows. And what would a house, created by an architect for an architect, look like, a professional for a professional? This question allows you to answer the country house, built by architect Alexander Schetinin in the old suburban village of Ekaterinovka.


Biscuit Art Nouveau

In the design of a Moscow mansion, you can not see the lushly curvy lines and deliberate complexity, despite the fact that the main style chosen is Art Deco. In the decoration of the facades, fine moldings are applied, and in the interiors one can find a skilful woodcarving, stained-glass windows and handmade textured wallpaper. With the help of expensive finishing materials, including several varieties of marble, onyx and precious mahogany, a feeling of luxury and luxury was created. Smooth lines of flowing and soft forms make the atmosphere of the rooms warm and relaxing.


Way up

The project was conceived in the style of Russian modern. But of course this is not the copying of classical samples. but a modern version. Modern is now popular not only in Moscow, but throughout the world. Because this style is free, without rigid frames. A staircase, I think it’s more than just a function, it’s the axis of the house and its main decoration. In this interior, there was no need in the staircase, strictly speaking. Therefore, it is here that it is present as an ornament.



The office of the record company “Monolith” and the producer center of Max Fadeev. The premise is located on the last floor of the business center and consists of two adjacent blocks. One of them has a glazed central atrium. The office has a lot of engineering equipment.

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