Ixplaine Design Group

this is a wide range of services aimed at one goal – creating the one, unique, comfortable space you have always dreamed of, no matter what it is – an office apartment or a house. Our specialists are ready to solve any task of designing and implementing your new interior.

For us, the customer is a co-author and partner. And only in such a tandem, it is possible to create a truly comfortable and positive space, in the name of this goal, we are always ready to offer much more, what is not limited to any framework, this is design.

We specialize in creating design projects for interiors for various purposes, such as design projects for apartments, cottages, country houses, country estates, focusing their activities on low-rise buildings, the scale where the author is able to give due attention to every detail of the interior or facade of the building.

We carry out the construction of interiors by our own construction teams, or partner construction companies, which have proved their reputation.

We designed and implemented turn-key projects for NOVATEK, EVRAZHOLDING, GAZOENERGOSET, MOSINZHSTROY, MONOLIT and MAXIM FADEYEV production center, SKY POINT industrial park, many private interiors of city apartments and country houses, competitive projects for various social facilities – shopping centers , cinemas, restaurants.

Our specialization:

  • Architecture and interior design
  • Development of a design project for apartments, cottages, mansions, residences
  • Decoration of realized interiors
  • Architectural design of cottages, country houses, estates, residences
  • Design of interiors of offices, cafes, restaurants
  • Artistic design of interiors, designing of author’s furniture
  • Creating a photo-realistic 3D visualization
  • Creating holistic styling solutions for interiors
  • Interior furnishing with finishing materials
  • Furnishing of interior with plumbing
  • Furnishing of an interior with furniture
  • Architectural supervision of construction
  • Harmonization of the redevelopment of apartments
  • Performing the functions of general contracting in the process of building a cottage or repairing an apartment

Our team

Alexander Schetinin

Head and Art Director

Design studio Ixplaine Design Group

Member of the Guild of Art Design of the Moscow Union of Artists

He graduated from the MHPU (MGHPA) them. S.G. Stroganova, Faculty of Interior and Equipment in 1987

Lisa Kramer


Graduated from Moscow State University of Architecture and International Relations, Faculty of Design in 2015

Vlad Sonkin

Creative director

Lives and works in Los Angeles

He graduated from the MHPU (MGHPA) them. S.G. Stroganova, Faculty of Interior and Equipment in 1987

Vera Osipova


Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute

Philip Muravyov

Project manager

He graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University. Maurice Thorez in 2002

Trained in France in the Lyceum. Charles de Gaulle

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call for advice. +7 (903) 790-83-64 +7 (499) 124-29-91 Request a free call.